I want to remember : camp


I want to remember how antsy Alex was all morning the day we dropped him off.

I want to remember that when we were leaving he almost didn’t want to say goodbye. Mark thought that Alex maybe thought he was too old or it wasn’t cool. I think that maybe he was worried he’d cry.

I want to remember the helpless feeling when we heard that he’d gotten sick. Even though he was fine and it was likely just nerves it was so hard to hear.

I want to remember the smile on his face in the pool and the pure joy that we felt when we saw that photo.

I want to remember how nice it was to have time to reconnect as a couple and how quiet the house was.

I want to remember how cool he tried to play it when we got there to pick him up.

I want to remember his tears of joy to see us and how that moment totally made me lose my cool.

I want to remember the first hug.

I want to remember how excited he was to share his stories and how curious he was to see if they matched up with my camp experience.

I want to remember how proud of him I felt for getting through the week all on his own and for wanting to go back next year.

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2 comments to I want to remember : camp

  • Connie Hanks

    Ack! You made me cry! And you’ve inspired me to write some “I want to remember” morsels from this summer, even though mine might have more “I want to remember how you girls drove me crazy, but that’s okay because you needed me, and I want you to ALWAYS need me.” Thanks again!

  • Cathy Green

    Aww! Today, I found a short story I had written for Shannon when she was in grade school. And a couple days’ worth of journal entries from a time when I was home with the kids and Rick was on a business trip to LasVegas. I remember feeling closed in by the 4 walls, being a stay-at-home mom. Looking back, I’m glad I was able to be at home with the kids. It was so hard at the time, and not at ALL like the perpetual vacation some make it out to be!

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